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Jane Bayler is a brand and business growth expert. Her Company empowers consultants and experts to stand out for their difference and create relevant, exciting offers. With a 20-year global brand marketing and media history, she grew London's brand identity business from £1m to £6m, quadrupling profits and selling to a US communications group.

Jane is a breast cancer survivor. She is passionate about connection – transforming purpose into passion, creating relevant, engaging offers and attracting a high calibre following who make her clients their #1 choice – whilst repelling tyre kickers, time wasters and those who are the wrong fit.

Steve and Jane chat about marketing and the application of systems in the online environment, Jane's ‘Messaging Waterfall System’ and how it generates leads and the importance of an online presence on social media. They also talked about how online media is an essential touch point for clients, connections and support in life and business and the complexity of marketing.


💡 In the online environment, you need to show your audience the value you can provide to drive them into your business.

💡Funnels are offerings such as YouTube videos, podcasts, reports or articles that identify the interested party as a potential client and then target them with custom email sequences and text reminders related to the content to gain their business.

💡 Without a presence on social media in the modern digital age, it is quite possible you will become invisible. Present yourself in a way that your clients immediately know your expertise and services are for them.

💡 Connections are essential for business and life. No one person can be everything and fulfil another person's needs. A rich network of connections and support of different types and interests is essential.

💡 Marketing is incredibly complex. Keeping track of changes in technology and culture in marketing is a full-time job, so the funnel products that Jane offers to gather clients are beyond the abilities of the layman to set up.

Build Your Brand To Connect With Ideal Clients - Jane Bayler Interview


2:06 – 💬 ’It doesn’t matter where you’re at; we could all do more with better clients. Clients that appreciate us for the value that we can give them, and we do what we’re good at, and it just seems to resonate with them, and they get great value from us just being who we are.’ – Steve

4:18 – 💬 ‘That is the whole purpose of having online assets like podcasts or funnels because it brings people into your world and it educates them about the possibilities of working with you.’ – Jane

11:11 – 💬 ‘People consume content in different ways, and they’re obviously in different places at different times. So the whole point of this particular funnel, which I call the ‘Messaging Waterfall System’, is that it’s like a cascade of value that you deliver over multiple touch points over a relatively condensed time so that you can make an offer to them at the end.’ – Jane

19:38 – 💬 ‘That’s been my philosophy on social media: to keep my group going, keep my posting going, and we have scaled up significantly because it needs to be there, and when people check you out, you need to have a presence otherwise you don’t exist.’ – Steve

41:07 – 💬 ‘I often think you don’t have to get too micro about things as long as you’ve got a sense of where you’re headed, that mostly takes care of some of the day-to-day decisions.’ – Jane

51:34 – 💬 ‘This ‘Messaging Waterfall System’, we tried to make it as foolproof as possible for people that are not marketers, because otherwise what happens is these people spend all this money and fall flat on their faces because they're trying to do something that is an expert's job.’ – Jane


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