SYS 095: Why do you need a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? – How to Prevent ‘Facebook account locked.’


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Facebook account locked prevention: Steve explains Virtual Private Networks. And how they can prevent you from getting banned on Facebook.

VPNs are apps or software on your browser that tricks the internet into thinking you’re located somewhere you’re not. The advantages of this, aside from keeping your location secret, are numerous.


Facebook detects your location. And flags up a security alert if you log in from a different country simultaneously or within a close timeframe.

When you also need to delegate access to your Facebook to your staff, using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) will trick the social media platform into thinking that they're in the exact location as you when they log in.

If your staff ever need to use an Internet café, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is also a security essential.

Steve uses and recommends NordVPN and TunnelBear.

Prevent 'Facebook account locked.'


2:15 – 💬 ‘You can get yourself inadvertently banned or locked out from Facebook whenever someone tries to log in from another country.’

2:59 – 💬 ‘The Virtual Private Network can add a layer of security. It could encrypt all of the information sent to and from someone's computer. And therefore, it stops people from being able to hack into your computer and maybe steal your passwords.’

7:31 – 💬 ‘Speed is the only negative side I can think of with a Virtual Private Network because it throttles the speed of connecting to the internet. Therefore, we use them selectively.’


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