SYS 111: How to Create Strong Passwords and Expert Hacks for Keeping You Safe Online (when working with a team)


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Cybersecurity: How to Stay Safe Online. If you have sites, data and software that you need to protect, then it is crucial to have strong passwords to circumvent modern decryption and hacking software and prevent anyone from guessing your password.

In this episode, Steve will explain why you need to perfect your passwords and how to do it and pass on some practical and simple advice on password creation.


💡 Remembering multiple passwords for various apps and sites can be a nightmare; writing and listing all of them down is tempting. Do not do this!!

💡Do not use the same password for all your sites because your entire system can be accessed if one is compromised.

💡 Browser password vaults seem like a good idea but are not shareable to staff, browser-specific, and often only accessible on one device.

💡Use an app like LastPass or Bitwarden to consolidate your passwords and share access with staff securely.

💡 Most password-sharing apps have a password generation tool allowing you to select the length and what characters you use to fit the requirements of the gateway. The app will save that autogenerated password, so you don’t have to remember it.

💡The one password that you have to remember is the master password for the password-sharing app. Remember, you lose access to all your passwords if you lose this password. Think of a phrase for length and complexity with numbers or characters added.

💡 Try using the first letter in a long sentence to create a memorable password. This way, the password is complex enough, especially if you add capitals, numbers and symbols.

💡Change your passwords regularly because it is always possible for staff to view a password as it is entered.

Cybersecurity: How To Stay Safe Online and Expert Hacks to Create Strong Password when working with a team.


4:09 – 💬 ‘You can leverage using LastPass and Bitwarden not only for the convenience and the security for sharing stuff across the internet and working with a team but also to have brilliant, unique passwords for every single one of your sites.’

11:07 – 💬 ‘I encourage you to use a password-sharing app and use the password generator to create unique, completely random passwords for every site in your business and change those regularly.’



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