SYS 171: Staff Time Tracking Revisited: New Benefits and Positive Impacts of Staff Time Tracking Unveiled

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The positive impacts of staff time tracking and its importance in business operations are discussed in this episode. Additionally, Dr. Steve Day shares updates on their time tracking policies, including the use of new apps and tools such as ManicTime. This focuses on the implementation of screenshot tracking.

Steve explains the reasons behind this shift. He cites both negative instances of time manipulation and the positive impacts of staff time tracking on productivity and efficiency.

Furthermore, the episode also delves into the importance of transparent communication with employees about the purpose and positive impacts of staff time tracking. This helps maintain trust and productivity within the team.

KEY TAKEAWAYS – Positive Impacts of Staff Time Tracking

One of the positive impacts of staff time tracking is that it optimises efficiency, productivity, and workload delegation. Time tracking can be a valuable tool for businesses.

Implement time-tracking software with screenshot capabilities. This can provide valuable evidence in case of disciplinary issues or security concerns.

It is crucial to communicate with employees the reasons for implementing time tracking and how it benefits both the company and the individual.

The use of time-tracking software can help identify areas for improvement, optimise processes, and increase overall productivity.

Transparency and clear communication about the purpose of time tracking can help build trust and improve relationships within the team. Discuss with your team the positive impacts of staff time tracking.

Positive impacts of Staff Time Tracking

BEST MOMENTS – Positive Impacts of Staff Time Tracking

00:18 – 💬 “There has been a slight shift in my thinking around tracking time.”

06:13 – 💬 “This was a game changer for me. I could now go back to an entire day or week’s worth of work and pretty accurately to the minute track exactly what I’d been doing.”

17:18 – 💬 “If somebody is honest, if somebody would track their time honestly anyway, if they have no intention of dragging things out, they're going to work hard. They will be productive and get work done in the time they're being paid to work.”

TIMESTAMPED OVERVIEW – Positive Impacts of Staff Time Tracking

00:00 Podcast discusses updated time tracking policies.

03:09 Negative incident of a staff member manipulating timekeeping.

08:34 Tracks time and activities across all devices.

09:35 Track time and optimise tasks for efficiency.

13:12 Reviewing tasks, building trust, and eliminating distrust.

17:47 Measure productivity and improve it with tracking.

20:14 Lastly, employee exodus following company software deployment.

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