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Who Runs The World. Kevin Brittain Interview!

Steve interviews Kevin Brittain, a successful entrepreneur, marathon runner and philanthropist, who is running barefoot around the world!

While doing this, Kevin fits in being a husband and father. He also holds two Guinness World Records for ‘Fastest Marathon Runner Dressed As a Ninja’. Currently vlogging his round-the-world virtual journey of 40,075 km he is also raising money for needy children as he goes. Steve gets to the bottom of how Kevin believes running is the ultimate stress-busting tool for the modern businessman and entrepreneur. And how none of it would be possible if he hadn’t systemized his success.


  • Kevin and Steve met on one of Steve’s first-ever courses for Systems and Outsourcing. It resulted in him being able to utilise Steve’s methods to step away from his property business through systemization.
  • Kevin has been raising money for children’s charities since he was 11. He lost a friend to myeloma and witnessed the suffering it caused to his friends and family.
  • When using running to raise money, sponsorship often drops off after the first few challenges. So Kevin found he had to always go bigger and better. It is how he came up with the idea of running around the world. He’s also vlogging his experience at the same time.
  • He created the brand Runpreuner and a charity to raise one million pounds. He raised it for Great Ormond Street Hospital, Children and Cancer UK, BBC Children in Need, Operation Orphan, Internet Watch Foundation, Phab Kids and Long Covid Kids.
  • Running has reduced Kevin’s stress immensely and he believes it can do the same for you. You can also join his RED challenge! You run or walk at least a mile every day for either 30, 90, or 365 days.

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Who Runs The World? Interview with Kevin Brittain

BEST MOMENTS – Who Runs The World?

‘I was a bigger landlord back then, I had 96 houses at the time and around 250 tenants and I built this up from scratch. I had a team of people in place but for all of the glamour that the property industry had, it was anything but glamorous. It was with maintenance and tenant management. I was doing 60 to 80-hour weeks’ – Kevin

‘It was such an incredible life-changing experience for you as you said but for me, it was one of the reasons, you are one of the reasons why I decided to go all-in on this and make this my mission in life.’ – Steve

‘I thought ‘how would I fundraise?’ and I used running because it was something most people fundraise for and it's quite an easy way to fundraise because it’s putting yourselves through some incredibly hard challenges.’ – Kevin

‘I’m going to set a crazy challenge. I’m going to try and run, on consecutive days, whilst vlogging a distance of one lap around the world. I thought that would be the ultimate ultra-marathon.’ – Kevin

‘I've been running since my mid-twenties and I think that the times that I don’t, massively affect me. Whatever reason it kicks in, work, stress, whatever, you can slip out of that habit whether your habit is running or walking or cycling or just going outdoors and being with your kids, having that mental release is so important.’ – Steve


To donate and find out about Kevins round the world challenge:

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Kevin is a proud husband and father and a multiple business owner. He holds Guinness World Record for the ‘Fastest Marathon Runner Dressed As a Ninja’ twice. He is also part of ‘Most users to run a remote marathon in 24 hours.’

Kevin is run-vlogging (run whilst vlogging) barefoot. He runs a minimum of 5 kilometres per day on consecutive days until he reaches the distance of one lap around the world – a whopping total of 40,075 km.

When he was 11 years old, Kevin’s passion for helping children started. He has taken part in various running events to fundraise for children. He has been raising around £17,000 so far. His true passion is to help vulnerable children on an even bigger scale, using his entrepreneurial platforms to raise awareness and funds for these fantastic causes. The target is to raise a vast total of ONE MILLION POUNDS for the six children’s charities.

Who Runs The World? Kevin Brittain.


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