Eliminate ‘E-mail Tag’ And Supercharge Your Scheduling


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Eliminate E-mail Tag and Supercharge Your Scheduling! This is especially important when you set a meeting with an important client or a busy employee. It is much more important when they have to cancel or reschedule that very important event.

Eliminate ‘E-mail Tag’ And Supercharge Your Scheduling

In this episode, Steve is going to teach you how to avoid the annoying back and forth chaos that is scheduling a meeting with a busy client or employee.

You can eliminate the often time-consuming e-mail cat-and-mouse game of allotting time by using calendar scheduling apps. And automate and simplify your appointment calendar.


  • Using these apps, you can book calls and meetings of different types. You can also charge clients at the point of booking, set up group meetings and classes and manage subscriptions.
  • Steve used apps like Calendly and Acuity, which are quite similar and simple in operation. You can try these out for free for literally hours saved.
  • You can sync your app with multiple calendars. Appointments booked over various calendars for different tasks, be they personal or business, are all cross-referenced, making it impossible for you to double book yourself.
  • They provide the ability for people to reschedule or cancel their appointment without contacting you. The app will remove that appointment for you and free up that time slot for more scheduled tasks or meetings.
  • You can set up appointment reminders that not only act as memory joggers but can also inform and educate the client about your company or the nature of the upcoming meeting. Appointments can also be automated to start other tasks. It could be follow-up e-mails or passing on a purchasing client to the next appropriate contact point.
  • You can use these apps to make yourself look busy. The app will remove a reasonable looking amount of calendar appointment slots by clicking a few settings. While also still offering the client a reasonable variety of dates and times to book.
  • You can integrate apps as well. For instance, schedule zoom meetings and include the zoom link in the communication with the client.
  • When choosing which app to use, make sure to look at all your requirements. For example, check its compatibility and integration with your current CRM. Or if it improves on the abilities of the calendar your CRM already provides.
Eliminate ‘E-mail Tag’ And Supercharge Your Scheduling


‘I’ll also explain how to pick the right apps for your business. There are a few options out there, and I’ll hopefully guide you on some principles you can use when deciding which one to go for.’

‘It’s like having a personal secretary who is doing all your scheduling for you on your calendar without you having to worry about it or without paying a secretary to do it.’

‘If they cancel, you can even set it up so it will automatically send them an e-mail saying, ‘hey, you canceled your appointment. Would you like to rebook? Here’s the link to rebook.’ Or just to follow up the way your business wants to follow up people who cancel.’

‘I always feel a bit dubious when I book in with a coach or want to speak to a sales guy about a product or service. And literally, they’ve got every single appointment available for the next three weeks.’

‘For our podcast guests, we book people in to our podcast by simply sending them a link. On that link, there’s a form it captures things like their bio, their social images, and any links to things they want to promote on the podcast. And also asks them a bunch of questions about what they want to talk about. It takes all the work away from me.’


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Eliminate ‘E-mail Tag’ And Supercharge Your Scheduling! How do you make sure you always stay on top of your schedules?

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