SYS 078: When is the Right Time to Hire a Virtual Assistant

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Steve has worked with hundreds of businesses of different sizes and types over the years and has concluded that NOW is the right time to hire a Virtual Assistant, no matter what stage you are at.

In this episode, he also explains how the first step into investing in a Virtual Assistant can set any business on the path to increased productivity and profit.


💡 There is an incredible abundance of talented and dedicated VAs internationally waiting to be hired by you that will be great, motivated and supportive members of your team.

💡 The lifestyle difference you get from having someone to delegate can exponentially increase your free time. It will allow you to further problem solve and systemise within your business.

💡 The barrier to taking the step to employing a VA is simply not knowing how to do it but being prepared to make mistakes on your way. Use resources like Systemize Your Success to avoid many of the pitfalls.

💡 Use Upwork or Fiverr to hire Virtual Assistants. Advertise your task singly, and often coded tasks can be done for you as one-off jobs.

💡 When you hire people, it should make you richer. You can also utilise the time you save on more lucrative tasks.

when to hire a virtual assistant


💬 ‘To me, it is a bit of a strange question, but that’s only because of the knowledge I now have.’

💬 ‘It doesn’t have to be anything about being selfish and thinking. I’m just doing this to save a few quid; it’s not about that. It’s about building a sustainable, lasting business that can actually live through the difficult years when there isn’t an abundance of cash.’

💬 ‘There are loads of resources. Through this podcast, you’ll find out how you actually hire a Virtual Assistant. And also what you do with them when they arrive and how you know what task you need to outsource. It’s all in here.’

💬 ‘If they are brilliant, you will find work for them because brilliant people are hard to find.’






The RIGHT Assistants For Your Business by Dr Steve Day:


Steve used to be a slave to his business, but when he moved to Sweden in 2015, he was forced to change how he worked. He switched to running his businesses remotely. And after totally nailing this concept, he decided to spend his time helping other small business owners do the same. Steve’s been investing in property since 2002, has a degree in Computing, and worked as a doctor in the NHS before quitting to focus full-time on sharing his systems and outsourcing Methodology with the world. He now lives in Sweden and runs his UK-based businesses remotely with the help of his team of Filipino and UK-based Virtual Assistants.

Most business owners are overwhelmed because they don’t know how to create systems or get the right help.

Our systems and outsourcing Courses and coaching programme will help you automate your business and work effectively with affordable virtual assistants. That way, you will stop feeling overwhelmed and start making more money.

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Steve Day

About the Author

Since 2016, Steve has helped hundreds of business owners to systemise their businesses and outsource their work. In doing so, he has helped them regain control of their lives and create the businesses they set out to build.

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