SYS 102: Increase the value and impact of your existing audio content: Incredible Interview with Alan Brunton, Founder of Cymatrax


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Steve talks to Alan Brunton, the Visionary and Developer of the software platform Cymatrax, which enhances digital audio files to remove frequencies that interfere with the brain’s decision-making function and increases others that improve focus, and energy and reduce stress. Cymatrax is already being used in healthcare to treat PTSD and Autism and is aimed at enhancing optimal performance and human potential through target frequencies in audio to achieve a healthier body, mind, spirit and environment. It has various applications, including podcasts, music, corporate training, online education, audiobooks, and many others.

Steve and Alan discuss how the idea for Cymatrax was conceived, the mental and physical effects of unhealthy sound, medical and professional applications for Cymatrax, possible applications for small businesses and how you can try out Cymatrax for yourself.


💡 Alan initially used to be an Opera Singer, so he is no stranger to the subject of sound! He has also opened 33 different restaurants, hosted and produced his cooking show on T.V., and has been interested in digital sound since its inception.

💡After self-testing the theory of frequency difference effect on himself for five years, Alan found his I.Q. had increased by ten points.

💡 There are many frequencies available that are better for you than what is currently commonly utilised within digital audio, so Alan created the software Cymatrax to remove the old frequencies and replace them with the new healthier ones.

💡The Department of Communications Science and Disease at James Madison University, Virginia, has completed a trial that shows the positive nature of Cymatrax Software when used as a daily therapy for PTSD and Autism.

💡 There are applications for this technology amongst small businesses in Corporate Training Audio by reducing white noise, which can decrease concentration and increase tiredness.

💡Not having optimal use of the brain’s functionality can cause other physical illnesses in the body.

💡 Cymatrax offers access to their filtering software so you can try it out yourself. Go to to filter your digital audio to experience the difference.

How to reduce stress and increase the impact of your existing audio content. Incredible Interview with Alan Brunton, Founder of Cymatrax.


2:34 – 💬 ‘I knew that something was very, very different with certain music and certain notes and frequencies, but I didn’t start looking at it until 2009 when I saw some reports coming out about the differentiation of the brain's cognitive abilities between concert A at 440hz and 432hz’ – Alan

6:09 – 💬‘It took me about a year to find somebody that could write the code for acoustic-based software. It took another three years to get it patented and a couple more years to find a university that was actually into the field of using a sound frequency’ – Alan

7:06 – 💬 ‘The Systemize Your Success Podcast helps small business owners to make their lives better and to use systems, and this software is a great example of how they can use technology to improve their businesses.’ – Steve

12:00 – 💬‘The CDC reports that 85% of all disease is caused by stress, and the documentation shows that white noise causes stress. We reduce the stress, so there is less tension with these Computer Programmers [staff], and their output now is longer because they have better-focused attention. And with reduced stress, they have fewer sick days. Now, what would that be worth to Google? [CEO]’ – Alan

26:01 – 💬 ‘Musicians that sit and listen in the studio day after day have an acuity to recognise and ‘feel’ the sound a lot better.’ – Alan






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