SYS 165: The Art of Leveraging Podcast Guest Appearances to Grow Your Business – Interview with Jim James, Host of The UnNoticed Entrepreneur Podcast


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🎙 In this episode, Steve Day is joined by international entrepreneur and podcast host Jim James. They discuss why entrepreneurs should consider alternatives to starting their podcasts and how to leverage the platform effectively.

Jim shares insights on why not every entrepreneur should start a podcast, emphasising the importance of considering statistics and practicality.

Tune in to learn how to scale your business without the need to launch a podcast.


💡 Starting a podcast as a host requires time, network, equipment, budget, and perseverance. Being a guest can be a low-risk, low-cost way to participate in podcasting.

💡 Guests should focus on being concise, getting to the point quickly, and allowing the host to guide the conversation. Listeners drop off after about a minute and a half if they don’t find the content engaging.

💡 Quality audio and video are crucial for credibility and engagement. Using external microphones and webcams can significantly improve the overall quality of the podcast.

💡 Guests should provide value to the audience by offering quizzes, free downloads, consultations, or gated content. Giving listeners a reason to connect and engage after the show is essential.

💡 Success, for Jim, is the ability to have meaningful conversations, spend time with family, maintain good health, and serve others through sharing knowledge and experiences.


01:44 – 💬 “The average number of shows that get produced is seven. So what it tells us is that of the nearly four million podcasts, You know, most of them never get beyond the first seven or eight episodes.” – Jim James

11:02 – 💬 “One of the key aspects of being a guest is you connect to someone else’s audience. I’m delighted to be on your show because you have this amazing audience that won’t have heard of Jim James and the Unnoticed Entrepreneur podcast before.” – Jim James

11:34 – 💬 “81% of listeners would actually buy a good or service on the recommendation of a podcast host.” – Jim James

31:19 – 💬 “Give these people a reason to connect with you, give them a call to action, some kind of incentive to follow up with you.” – Jim James


00:00 Launch, production, and maintaining top podcast status.

05:23 Leveraging podcasting benefits as a guest.

08:46 Learn platforms like Riverside, SquadCast, Restream, and Zoom.

12:17 Start small, grow, guesting for podcast exposure.

15:02 Module teaches repurposing content for maximum exposure.

18:31 Podcast content drop-off tied to structuring.

20:33 Tips for podcast guests and hosts’ interaction.

28:40 Maintain quality in recording and content distribution.

33:23 Acknowledging your performance and lead magnet strategy.

37:01 Share listener benefit, employ bridging technique effectively.

40:45 Knowing about services opens up opportunities.

44:07 Success is about health, family, and service.



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