SYS 156: Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt to Achieve True Business Success – Interview with Luana Ribeira, Founder of Dauntless PR

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🎙 Dr. Steve Day interviews Luana Ribeira, the founder of Dauntless PR. Luana shares her expertise in helping business owners and entrepreneurs catapult their success by leveraging the power of Public Relations or PR. She explains that PR works best when a business establishes itself and clearly understands its audience and messaging.

Luana also discusses the importance of overcoming fears and self-doubt for visibility and offers practical tips to get started with PR, such as writing articles for publications and utilizing platforms like Harrow.

She emphasizes the value of building trust and credibility through PR and, moreover, shares success stories of clients who have achieved global recognition and increased their impact through strategic PR efforts.

KEY TAKEAWAYS – Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt

  • Public Relations is most beneficial for established businesses with clear offers, audience, messaging, and systems in place.
  • Public Relations helps increase trust, and credibility and reach new audiences, but it's not a leads and sales system on its own.
  • Overcoming fear and self-doubt is a common challenge when it comes to visibility, but it's important to push through and keep expanding.
  • Social media can be a great tool for Public Relations because it allows for free exposure and the opportunity to connect with new audiences.
  • Building trust and credibility through Public Relations can lead to increased business growth and opportunities for success.

BEST MOMENTS – Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt

04:27 – 💬 “The best time for PR is very simply when the business is established.” – Luana Ribeira

04:38 – 💬 “Good PR is never going to harm. There's never too early if you want to create a buzz around an offer or something like that that you're doing.” – Luana Ribeira

06:09 – 💬 “PR helps those things to work better by increasing trust, credibility, and reaching huge new audiences.” – Luana Ribeira

13:45 – 💬 “Give yourself permission to do it badly and to keep working on it.” – Luana Ribeira

43:05 – 💬 “The more people see us, the more people hear us, the more people see our name, the more they trust us.” – Luana Ribeira

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TIMESTAMPED OVERVIEW – Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt

00:00 First book led to freedom, travel, and collaboration.

03:44 The best time for PR is when established, and beneficial.

11:00 Overcame severe social anxiety to face the camera.

15:25 Overcoming self-doubt as a business owner.

17:13 Negative voices and distractions called goblins.

22:19 Dauntless offers membership, PR foundations, and support.

26:07 Podcasting provides lasting, efficient marketing opportunities.

29:34 Encourage taking first steps in business marketing.

31:16 Send valuable articles as conversation openers to leads.

35:13 Disagreement led to trying coaching or therapy.

38:26 Approach TV interviews with genuine storytelling intent.

43:08 Exposure builds trust, leading to potential sales.

43:59 Engage the audience with consistent marketing on the topic.

49:49 Finding fulfillment and freedom through passion-driven work.

50:44 Loving what you do is true success.

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