SYS 108: Maintaining Your Team’s Values, Culture, And Purpose As You Scale Your Business – Interview with Daniel Viduya, Head of Growth, Support Zebra

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Steve interviews Daniel Viduya. As an adolescent, sleeping on park benches and eating out of trash bins was the norm for Daniel, who learned the importance of hard work and determination while growing up with hardships in the Philippines.

Now living in Mexico, Daniel has mastered the art of Customer Service and Sales for over a decade. For years he worked under sweatshop-like conditions in call centres and is passionate about educating brands on how to scale high-performing teams in both an ethical and efficient manner.

Daniel firmly believes that sales are not just simple sales. Instead, sales are about consulting and recommending what best suits a brand's needs. He applies these principles in his work with SupportZebra, the technical support and sales outsourcing company.

Steve and Daniel talked about the work culture at SupportZebra and how that translates into better sales, the importance of accurate metrics and SMART action plans as part of scaling up, thorough documentation to support outsourcing, identifying a company's difficulties and needs and finding a solution, and the future of customer sales and support with the growth of Artificial Intelligence.


💡 Daniel wants to help customers ethically scale their customer service teams through outsourcing and discuss why outsourcing can help companies and their leaders.

💡Daniel works with SupportZebra, the customer support and sales outsourcing company based in the USA and The Philippines.

💡 SupportZebra’s care for its employees is one of the reasons for the high retention rate and employee satisfaction in their company. This is refreshing for an industry well known for its toxic workplaces.

💡Customers reciprocate a caring attitude when they know it is a culture in the company they are dealing with. They know when the employees genuinely care for them.

💡 By accurately tracking metrics such as customer satisfaction and call timings, it is possible to put together a specific action plan to improve a company’s Sales and Customer Service performance.

💡An action plan has to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timebound (SMART).

💡 SupportZebra make sure they fully familiarise themselves with their customer's systems to integrate the support staff into their assigned company. They also help companies document their systems.

💡In his role, Daniel identifies the customer's needs and problems and, from the outset, can assess if SupportZebra is the right fit for the task. If not, Daniel has connections to refer a customer to a brand that will better suit the customer's needs.

eam Values, Culture And Purpose


4:42 – 💬 ‘What makes SupportZebra different is the SupportZebra promise to care for one another, to care for people.’ – Daniel

9:40 –💬 ‘One of our company's core values is being a team. We understand that success is only possible when you work as part of a team, share work and responsibilities, but also look out for each other and value family, health, and happiness.’ – Steve

14: 07- 💬 ‘Values is not just for the sake of having it stuck on a wall in your office or on your website to attract customers. It's about how you live and act even when no one's watching. That's when it matters when you don't have to do it, but you do it anyway.’ – Steve

22:41 –💬 ‘When you make your action plans based on the documented metrics that you have, it has to be in a SMART format (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timebound). When it's not in a SMART format, sometimes you can see the results, and then it starts falling off the phase again.’ – Daniel

44:51 – 💬 ‘I’m not afraid of Artificial Intelligence for these reasons. AI is an extension of our thinking. AI is an extension of our knowledge.’ – Daniel









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