SYS 162: Fire with Confidence: Using Google’s Audit Feature to Make Informed HR Decisions

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🎙 In this episode, Dr. Steve Day delves into the challenging task of firing a staff member, acknowledging the emotional weight and consequences of making informed HR decisions.

Drawing from personal experiences, Steve reflects on the importance of being certain when making such decisions. He shares insights on utilising features within Google to gather evidence in misconduct cases, offering practical tips and step-by-step instructions.

KEY TAKEAWAYS – Informed HR Decisions

  • Firing staff is challenging: Steve emphasises the difficulty of firing staff members. He highlighted the need to be absolutely sure before taking such a step. They acknowledge the significant consequences of the individual being dismissed, especially if they are the sole breadwinner in their family.
  • Utilizing time tracking for evidence: Steve shares his experience using time tracking tools to uncover misconduct. By tracking staff members' time on spreadsheets, he could identify discrepancies. He could also prove beyond reasonable doubt that certain individuals were exaggerating their work hours.
  • Importance of clear evidence: Steve stresses the importance of having clear and irrefutable evidence when dismissing staff members. Utilising features within Google, such as version history and audit investigation in the admin console, can provide detailed evidence of misconduct.
  • Navigating emotional challenges: There can be emotional challenges to face when deciding to dismiss staff members.
  • Ensuring the right decision: Steve discusses the significance of tools and evidence. This will ensure that the decision to dismiss a staff member is right.

BEST MOMENTS – Informed HR Decisions

00:01 – 💬 “Firing a staff is, I think, one of the hardest things we have to do as business owners and managers.”

00:21 – 💬 “If they're being fired for some form of gross misconduct, it's unlikely you're going to pay them any notice period.”

00:51 – 💬 “Having tools available to make that decision easier and be confident that there is proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”

09:45 – 💬 “It's not typically the one-off events. If someone's logged an excessive amount of time for a piece of work, you think, how does that possibly take that long?”

15:58 – 💬 “It's not something I do routinely, it's just there if I need it to give the evidence I need to make the hard decisions in business.”

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00:00 Rare dismissal situations due to false work claims.

05:39 Screen shows time tracking sheet for work.

10:18 Researching user changes using Google Admin Console.

14:20 Understanding history and backend empowers confident decision-making.

15:25 Quick and simple method for effective assessment.



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