Productivity Hack: Organize For Sharing, Not for Searching!


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Productivity Hack: Find your files in 5 seconds, not 5 minutes! Learn helpful tips in organising files efficiently and finding them quickly.

Organising your files and folders for easy access is essential for time-saving. It is also helpful for ease of operation. I have some advice on not disappearing into a cloud of data chaos and increasing your productivity. This is done by rethinking and modernising how you store your files.


Grouping can also be cumbersome due to the ambiguity of classing files by criteria. Labeling things to make them easy to find has been superseded by advanced search tools like Google.

Think in terms of a role-based organisation. Those involve giving the right access to files and passwords relevant to their work. Department managers will then need complete access to files, apps, and all data pertinent to their role.

This also results in only a small number of parent folders per department. Those with subfolders are divided by permitted access depending on sub-roles.

Finally, prefix your files with a standardised department-based label. You can then search within files with that department prefix for relevant keywords.

Productivity Hack: Organize For Sharing Not for Searching!


'This is something that I struggled with for many years. I also tried loads of different variations of ideas that I read. Should it be done by the department? Should we be doing it by role? How granular should you go? How many different folders should you have?'

'Stop trying to organise things for the finding of it. And instead, think about how can I organise it. So it's easy for me to share. That's really the big takehome from this.'


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