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Automate your customer onboarding and client progress processes!

In this episode, Steve talks to fitness expert Joe McNee about how he helps other people with client-based small businesses like personal trainers, coaches and driving schools. He’s teaching them to automate their onboarding and client progress processes.

Joe is also a schoolteacher and a fitness coach and has three children. This left him without enough hours in the day. So he has utilised systems, apps, and software to reclaim precious time from laborious manual procedures and processes. His methods were so successful! He now shares them with others through his business, Fitlogic Systems.


Joe can aid any business with regularly repeated tasks. He also said we could automate anything that requires information transfer.

Fitlogic Systems trace and standardise the client journey from the very beginning. It identifies what happens on initial contact. Then centralise client data, and track sign up progress or client follow up. They also used this centralised data to trigger automations during current and future processes.

In addition, Joe gets his clients to identify repetitive tasks. Those tasks that are taking up too much time and detract from the business owners' original function and purpose for starting the business in the first place when looked at as a group task.

We can use apps like Mailchimp to automate email tasks. Stripe can also be used to automate payment processing.

After the onboarding process, the service delivery can then be automated to keep track of the clients' progress. This can be done via automated emails that can provide you with feedback from the client.

Systemizing can also mean outsourcing tasks. It allows you to concentrate on your most valued function in the business.

Automate Your Customer Onboarding – Interview with Joe McNee


'I just started talking to my network of people online. And more and more people were asking me to do it for them. And then this grew into a viable, legitimate business where I automate the marketing, onboarding and delivery of coaching programs for personal trainers.' – Joe

'I would ask probing questions. So, what happens when they message you? What do you do? Do you book a call with them? How do you do that?' – Joe

'The next thing is getting them over the mindset of “personal training needs to be personal.” They may personally send an email. But it's not a personal email because it's just copying and pasting off their notes. But it' feels' personal because they've personally sent it. Get them onto that mindset of people signing up for personal coaching, not personal information passing.' – Joe

'Then it comes into what I call service delivery. The emails they're going to get throughout the time they're working with you. The biggest one is a recurrent email once a week or once a month for them to feedback to you so that you can continually evaluate their progress.' – Joe


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Automate Your Customer Onboarding! How do you go about your customer onboarding and client processes? Share it with us in the comments.

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