Why Do Some Small Businesses Fail to Systemize While Others Succeed?


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For some small businesses, systemization is an easy process with excellent results. But for others, it can be a hindrance to their success. Check this episode and learn what systemization means, where it came from, how you can use it to its full potential, and avoid common mistakes.

Why do some business owners make such a success of systemization while others fail to grasp the opportunity to free themselves and create the life they dream of? What are the differences between these two types of people?


  • When a single leader of a business is loath to take that first step and hire an assistant, that’s the reason for failure. They may also fail to hire the right type of person for their needs. Hire a dedicated staff member for documentation.
  • The systemization model doesn’t convince some people. So, when they hit a barrier, they revert to old ways of working.
  • Existing staff sometimes feel that if they notate their tasks in a way that anyone can complete, they are no longer going to be necessary.
  • The best way to sell to someone is to believe in it 100%. This is how you can see systemization past the early stages, buying and being convinced of its efficacy.
  • Steve’s company hire a staff member familiar with the systemization model. And also those with the software and applications involved. He does this to facilitate the effective adoption of the systems needed to automate.
  • Experience the benefits of systemization yourself. Hire your systems creator, record your task and get them to document it. You then have an example of how quickly and more manageable your job is. Then demonstrate it to your existing staff. Show them how you can offload mundane tasks from them. And they can spend more time doing what they like.
Why Do Some Small Businesses Fail to Systemize While Others Succeed?


‘It’s overcoming these challenges for our clients and obviously for myself as well over the years that I think I’ve got a pretty good picture now about what the key things are that actually make the biggest differences between someone being successful or not.’

‘Whatever it is that comes along, in the hundreds of different possible obstacles that you’ll be hit with while you go through this journey, if you haven’t totally convinced yourself that the Holy Grail of business is to systemize, then you will give it up, and you will go back to your old ways.’

‘Any idea you’re trying to sell to somebody? If you don’t believe it yourself, you won’t sell it.’

‘The ones that find the path the easiest are like me, those with no staff, so anyone coming in can just come into this new world of systems.’

‘If someone can step in help while they’re away because their work has been documented, that person won’t come back to chaos.’


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