SYS 179: Simplifying App Development for Business Owners – Interview with Norman Ortiz, Founder of App Studio


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🎙 Dr. Steve Day interviews Norman Ortiz, the creator of App Studio, a platform dedicated to simplifying app development for small and micro business owners. It enables them to effortlessly create apps to promote their businesses.

Norman shares the inspiration behind starting the company and discusses the types of apps suitable for businesses, such as marketing, loyalty programs, and event management.

He highlights the ease of using App Studio compared to traditional app development methods and shares success stories of clients who have benefited from the platform. Norman also talks about the company's future direction, incorporating AI technology and expanding the suite of apps offered.

KEY TAKEAWAYS – Simplifying App Development

  • Norman Ortiz is the innovative mind behind App Studio, empowering small and micro business owners to create apps effortlessly from their mobile devices.
  • App Studio suits businesses looking to marketise their services, advertise, get new orders, retain customers, and implement loyalty programs.
  • The platform is unsuitable for businesses looking to create tool or game apps, as it focuses on promoting businesses and engaging customers.
  • App Studio offers a free model where users only pay for unlocking additional features or custom screens, making it cost-effective and user-friendly.
  • Norman Ortiz envisions App Studio expanding into the AI space, offering AI technology within the app-building experience and enhancing complementary areas like generative AI for logo designs.
Simplifying App Development

BEST MOMENTS – Simplifying App Development

09:22 – 💬 “It's a lot of cumbersome. And a typical business owner doesn't have these skill sets or know where to find these developers. Or how to communicate and document in the right manner.” – Norman Ortiz

09:41 – 💬 “It's so much easier to just get your phone, go to the App Store or Google Play. Download this app, and just start building it at any time.” – Norman Ortiz

20:11 – 💬 “Success is when you have a goal, and you look at it, and you see that you're getting there or you are already there.” – Norman Ortiz

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TIMESTAMPED OVERVIEW – Simplifying App Development

00:00 Most businesses want apps to market themselves.

04:19 Time-consuming platform requires manual content input.

08:21 Challenges in finding and managing development teams.

11:19 Transitioned from developer to UI/UX designer expert.

13:24 Exciting product engagement leads to new opportunities.

20:41 Legacy app is available, but it will be phasing out soon.



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