SYS 125: AI-Powered Meeting Note-Taking Apps: Are They Worth the Investment?


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Steve talks about AI meeting Note-Taking Apps and if they are worth investing in, their capabilities, and his first impressions of having used them regularly now for a few months.

Steve has been using but has also familiarised himself with, and today, he will be giving you an overview of these two apps.


💡 The app records the live Zoom meeting included within the initial plan regardless of what device the meeting is being held on. does not have this recording option.

💡 As long as the meeting is scheduled on your calendar, will record the meeting for you and create a summarised report, discussed topics, key questions, keywords used and highlighted points.

💡 also provides participant information such as engagement, sentiment, charisma, arrival time, who had their camera and microphone on, and a ranked score against your previous meetings in your company and all the recorded meetings in the world.

AI Note-Taking Apps: Are They Worth the Investment?


1:19 – 💬 ‘During the trial period of using, I had the Enterprise Plan, which gives you all the bells and whistles, and I was pretty impressed.’

7:20 – 💬 ‘I think is really good at giving you unlimited free cloud storage of meetings regardless of how you start that meeting. The other thing is brilliant summaries of topics and action points, and the third is its insight into the actual meetings and the sentiment and engagement of those meetings. For me, as a coach, that's important.’



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