SYS 118: From Business Owner to Business Leader: Strategies for Succession Planning – Interview with Dr Rachael Coates, Founder of UNA Nannies


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In this episode, Steve interviews his long-time client Dr Rachael Coates, Surgeon, Entrepreneur, Author and Founder of UNA Nannies, to gain insight on making the most of your time by considering the way you work, who you work with and the systems you use.

Rachael is a full-time Surgeon but also runs businesses parallel to this in property and healthcare and now a busy childcare sourcing agency, UNA Nannies. She talks to Steve about how she created her businesses, her development of UNA Nannies, personnel development, systems and training and her plans for the future.


💡 Through rent to rent and then into serviced accommodation, Rachael set up her own property company, which began her busy lifestyle with multiple business interests.

💡Each stage of growth requires more personnel and improved skills and, more pertinently, a more comprehensive link with efficient systems.

💡 Efficient delegation is essential in a growing business, and systems can help this process with precise notation and explanations of the task at hand.

💡Rachael hopes for the future that instead of the fragmented service that parents find when sourcing childcare, UNA Nannies will be a ‘one-stop shop’ for all quality childcare services.


10:48 – 💬 ‘Steve gave me extra clarity on creating systems to get consistent results, and also it made me accountable to delegate appropriately and provide the information required to remotely and successfully complete a task.’ – Rachael

11:43 – 💬 ‘I used to throw stuff at people and expect them to be able to just deal with it, and when it came back not the way I wanted it done or took 10x longer than I expected, you got to just look internally and blame yourself because there is no one else to blame.’ – Steve

14:29 – 💬 ‘You don't need a team of innovators; you just need to be able to get everything done and then spot someone who's really switched on and excited about improvement and then bring them up and focus a different amount of energy on to that person.’ – Steve



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Steve used to be a slave to his business, but when he moved to Sweden in 2015, he was forced to change how he worked. He switched to running his businesses remotely. After totally nailing this concept, he spent his time helping other small business owners do the same. Steve’s been investing in property since 2002, has a degree in Computing, and worked as a doctor in the NHS before quitting to focus full-time on sharing his systems and outsourcing Methodology with the world. He now lives in Sweden and runs his UK-based businesses remotely with the help of his team of Filipino and UK-based Virtual Assistants.

Most business owners are overwhelmed because they don’t know how to create systems or get the right help.

Our systems and outsourcing Courses and coaching programme will help you automate your business and work effectively with affordable virtual assistants. That way, you will stop feeling overwhelmed and start making more money.

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