We'll Show You How To Stop Doing Everything Yourself! 

Systemise, Outsource and Scale Your Business Without Getting Overwhelmed

More Time 

More Profit

More Control

More Freedom

We Believe That Running A Business Shouldn't Take Over Your Life!

Stop Doing Everything Yourself

Have Time To Lead Your Business

Be There For Your Family

To Free Your Time While Increasing Your Profits,
You Have to Systemise Your Business...

But that's easier said than done.

  • ​Creating systems can take forever
  • ​Finding the right people is hard
  • ​Letting go and trusting people is challenging
  • ​Managing a remote team isn't easy
  • ​There are too many apps to choose from
  • ​Most courses tell you what you need to do but not HOW to do it

Did You start your business to give your family a better quality of life?

How's that going?

Stop Wasting Time on Low-Value Tasks

Put Your Business on Autopilot

Create a Legacy You Can Be Proud of

Who is Dr Steve Day?

Since 2016, Steve has helped hundreds of business owners to systemise their businesses and outsource their work.

In doing so, he has helped them regain control of their lives and create the businesses they set out to build.

The 'Systems for Outsourcing' methodology is transforming the way small business owners work.

It's all about removing you from the day-to-day grind sooner than has ever been possible before.
That means you can focus on leading your business to success without getting overwhelmed.

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Early Life

Steve's started his first business aged 9 when he sold home-made Top Trumps cards in the school playground!

He went on to start a tuck shop, a computer sales company and other small business ventures. But, to keep his parents happy, he progressed through higher education.

Despite being on top of his class after graduating in Computing, he turned his back on a conventional career and bought his first investment property, aged 22.

Starting with a small inheritance of £12,000, he'd built a £500,000 portfolio within four years.

He also co-founded a recruitment agency and a photographic studio, both of which failed miserably! The photographic studio wiped him out financially and was left thinking he wasn't cut out for the world of business.  

Finding His Why?

With his self-confidence in ruins, he decided to follow in his parents' footsteps and train to be a doctor. 

For two years running, he was awarded Junior Doctor Of The Year and was on route to becoming an Accident and Emergency Consultant.

The problem was, medicine took away the one thing he valued most - his freedom. 

In 2016, Steve emigrated to Sweden to start a family. 
Within the first few months, his dad passed away, and his son spent the first week of his life in intensive care.
That caused Steve to reflect on what was most important to him. He decided to quit medicine and fulfil his lifelong ambition to start a successful business and live life on his terms.

Things didn't go exactly as planned, and he found himself overwhelmed and wondering if he'd made the right decision.

Instead of giving up, Steve went all in. He was determined to figure out how to make a business successful without it taking over your life and without needed to give up equity to make it happen.

Supported by his property portfolio income, he dedicated 100% of this time to developing a system to overcome the challenges that all self-funded entrepreneurs face.

In doing so, he created The Systems For Outsourcing Methodology.
Emil, aged 3 days

Systems and Outsourcing

In 2017, he launched his first beta course to share what he'd learned with other entrepreneurs. The results were remarkable, and the lives of those brave beta testers were transformed forever!

Since then, he's helped hundreds of business owners to create systems and outsource their work to affordable virtual assistants. 

By sharing his wins and losses, he's built a following of thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs.

If you want to know how to find the right people, delegate effectively, create systems that get results, know what apps to use and how to use them and create a business that doesn't take over your life, then you've come to the right place :)

Personal Life

Steve is a family man, married to his beautiful wife, Sarah. Together, they live in Stockholm with their son and hope to have more children soon :) 
He's passionate about adventure sports and has climbed mountains on three continents, sailed across the Atlantic, enjoys telemark skiing, sea kayaking, mountain-biking and running ultra marathons. 

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Your Next Steps

To Create a Business That Serves You...


Step 1: Start Creating Systems In Minutes so you can free your time.

Choose the Right Apps and use the DIDACT Method to Create Effective Systems in Minutes, not hours.

Learn the fundamentals of effective outsourcing and business systems creation.

Stop wasting time writing detailed instructions and get your assistant to create all your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for you.

Build systems in minutes that get results.

Know what apps you need to outsource your work, AND how to use them.


STEP 2: Find the Right Assistant so you can delegate your work.

Using our proven process, you can whittle down hundreds of applicants in minutes and shortlist people who are right for your business.

When you have good systems, you don't need to pay a fortune for superstar staff that are hard to find and even harder to keep!

You need reliable, loyal staff who can follow your systems and do your work to a decent standard at a price you can afford.

We've used the Recruit Right Framework to hire over 120 Virtual Assistants (VA) for ourselves and our clients.

This proven process will allow you to hire a VA within the next nine days - without relying on expensive recruitment agencies.


Step 3: Outsource Your Emails and Save Hundreds of Hours Each Year.

The Easy Email Outsourcing (EEO) Framework walks you through the process of creating this essential time-saving system.  

Securely outsource all your emails and instant messaging.

Our clients save an average of two hours a day using this! 

The EEO Framework will show you how to get someone else to deal with most of the work created through your incoming messages.

Your left to focus on the few tasks that genuinely need your attention.

If you're stuck thinking that only you can deal with your messages, you need to check out this FREE Framework.


How to Pick The Right Apps

What to Outsource First

Why You Need Workflows

The Community

The Systems and Outsourcing Community is a free value-packed resource for small business owners.

You'll find hundreds of and posts and thousands of like-minded active members.

Post questions and get support while creating systems and outsourcing your work.

Trusted by 100s of Small Businesses Including:

"Steve has helped revolutionise my business"

"From personal experience of working with Steve, he has helped revolutionise my business and I now have more free time than I thought possible a few months back and a more profitable business- highly recommended!"

Kevin Brittain, Runpreneur

"SFO has been an exceptional experience"

"Systems For Outsourcing has been an exceptional experience from start to finish, with excellent service from Steve and his team. I was very sceptical about systemising and outsourcing and initially, my mindset was very limited in terms of what it could achieve in my life"

       Alex Impey, XUSA

"I highly recommend Systems For Outsourcing"

"I was initially sceptical about using remote assistants to systemise and outsource tasks within my business. The truth is that I didn't know what the possibilities were, or how to start. I highly recommend The Systems For Outsourcing Programme"

Ozan Redjep

Sandeep Senghera,
Owner: British Medical Experts

Bronwen & John, Author: 'Building Your Dream Life'

Alex Elsey,
Owner Move in Meerat

Sandeep Senghera,
Owner: British Medical Experts

Work With Steve

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Small Business Systems and Outsourcing Coaching

Steve has helped hundreds of small business owners to free themselves from day to day running of their businesses.

To build a sustainable, scalable and saleable business, you need to transform the way you work.

Steve went from being a control freak, micromanager to someone who trusts other people to do his work. He did that by using simple systems that anyone can learn and implement.

With a group or '121' coaching sessions, he will keep you accountable and ensure you are building a business that gives you the lifestyle that you want.

Speaking Events and Interviews

An Inspirational Story and Implementable Advice

Help your followers and clients achieve more by introducing them to smarter ways of working.

Steve is an industry leader in small business systems and is available for hire for online and live events, podcast interviews and Clubhouse rooms.

Steve will often do speaking events for free if they can help grow his network.

Please click the link to book a call and discuss your needs.
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Who Is Steve?

In 2017, he launched a beta course to share what he'd learned with other entrepreneurs. The results were remarkable, and the lives of those brave beta testers were transformed forever.

Since then, he's helped hundreds of business owners to create systems and outsource their work to affordable virtual assistants.

By sharing his wins and losses, he's built a following of thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs.

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