Early Life

Steve's started his first business aged 9 when he sold home-made Top Trumps cards in the school playground!

He went on to start a tuck shop, a computer sales company and other small business ventures. But, to keep his parents happy, he progressed through higher education.

Despite graduating being on top of his class in Computing, he turned his back on a conventional career and bought his first investment property, aged 22.

Starting with a small inheritance of around £12,000, he'd built a £500,000 portfolio within four years.

He went on to co-found a recruitment agency and a photographic studio, both of which failed miserably! The photographic studio wiped him out financially and was left thinking he wasn't cut out for the world of business.

Systems and Outsourcing

In 2017, Steve launched the first Systems For Outsourcing beta course to share what he'd learned with other entrepreneurs. The results were remarkable, and the lives of those brave beta testers were transformed forever!

Since then, he's helped hundreds of business owners to create systems and outsource their work to affordable virtual assistants.

By sharing his wins and losses, he's built a following of thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs.

If you want to know how to find the right people, delegate effectively, create systems that get results, know what apps to use and how to use them and create a business that doesn't take over your life, then you've come to the right place 🙂

Personal Life

Steve is a family man, married to his beautiful wife, Sarah. Together, they live in Stockholm with their son and hope to have more children soon 🙂

He's passionate about adventure sports and has climbed mountains on three continents, sailed across the Atlantic, enjoys telemark skiing, sea kayaking, mountain-biking and running ultra-marathons.